Client Praise

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  • Megan C
    Kassy brings great energy to her coaching. She is passionate about what does and wants to help you find your passion too. I could tell that Kassy was genuinely listening to what I was saying and I felt very comfortable talking with her. Even after a few minutes, she helped me realize a major road block in my life that I worked towards changing immediately. If you want a coach who will encourage and push you, I would highly recommend working with Kassy.
    Megan C.
  • Sarah H
    First, I must say how mesmerized I was and still am with Kassy and her passion and mission to her prospective clients (myself)! Immediately upon meeting Kassy, I felt a very positive vibe and energy, and I was instantly attracted to this authentic individual!

    Prior to meeting Kassy, I always assumed that life coaching dealt with one’s career, but following our initial consultation, I realized that life coaching deals with EVERY aspect of our lives. She guided me through a very enlightening exercise that helped me tap into my “essence” and a different and fresh perspective, and I truly believe this journey with her will transform my life into an amazing one that is filled with self-love, joy, and balance. Her combination of warmth, invigorating spirit, empathy, and genuine authenticity makes for an ideal life coach!
    Sarah H.
  • Shayna M
    I am in the process of launching my business and some how got stuck along the way. Kassy offered her coaching services to me and I accepted because I knew I needed a different perspective other than my own. I was very overwhelmed and quite resistant going into the coaching relationship and admitted as much. Kassy made me feel that while she understood my resistance she was still going to challenge me to think differently (which was the primary reason I was so stuck). I kept creating limitations for myself and assumptions around what success will look like instead of accepting the idea that it just might unfold in a way I didn’t expect. I was so convinced that everything should go exactly one way and that it wouldn’t be possible any other way that I was closing myself off from so many options. Kassy pushed me to dig deep within myself and identify for myself what I needed to do to make progress. Eventually, I got there and it was like a whole new world opened up to me. My business finally started to pick up and now is thriving. I am my own boss and establishing my brand as a self-help personality and educator. I am eternally grateful to Kassy’s keen insight and super helpful guidance.
    Shayna M.
  • Jenna Z
    Kassy is a brilliant life coach who understands exactly what her clients need. She is a strong advocate for our highest self and insightful and deeply aware of the needs and the ways to overcome our emotional blocks. I came to Kassy to discuss my career and work/life balance, and I uncovered some important needs, wants, and non-negotiables through her insightful questions, intuitive guidance, and thoughtful questions for self-reflection. She both probed and gently led me to finding the answers within myself, standing for me the entire time and not compromising on my own promises to reach my goals and to speak my deepest truth. I am so grateful to Kassy for her guidance, her wisdom, her strong sense of center, and the purpose and passion that brings into every session. She is a gift, and I have moved forward so many steps in my career and stepping into my dream role and life because of working with her. She brings RESULTS, and I am much more of who I want to be from working with her. She is incredible, and I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking coaching.
    Jenna Z.
  • Ali B
    Kassy has been a wonderful, supportive and inspirational coach. Through her guidance in uncovering my past, I’ve come to realize how much I let my childhood hinder my success and confidence level in my personal and professional life. This was a major breakthrough for me! With her encouragement to focus on practicing forgiveness and self-love, she not only helped me build more confidence but also played a key role in developing a huge sense of appreciation for myself.

    Her compassion and uncanny ability to connect with people and tap into her own intuition make her an absolutely stellar coach! If you are someone who’s looking for direction, struggles with self-confidence, or simply needs help practicing self-gratitude, Kassy is your girl! She will help break down the barriers that are preventing you from being your best successful self!
    Ali B.
  • Julie L
    Kassy helped me reframe a lot of self-talk that was preventing me from moving forward. She helped me set clear, attainable goals for moving forward, and was full of useful suggestions (while also giving me space to come up with my own solutions). Kassy also balanced being empathetic as well as gently challenging me to consider different perspectives. Her open, honest, and supportive presence makes her an amazing coach!
    Julie L.
  • Jess M
    During my coaching call with Kassy, she consistently made me feel heard. It is instantly obvious that Kassy loves what she does. And not only does she love coaching, but she truly cares about her clients. There were several moments during the call where Kassy responded to something I had said or expressed with such eye opening phrases and helpful perspectives. The ideas and paths that were presented to me during the call truly helped me gain clarity with several issues I had been facing. The general feeling of focus and inspiration Kassy gave me during the call still continues. Every day I think of something she said during the call and how it pertains to my life. I am very thankful for Kassy’s inspiration and I can’t wait for my next session!
    Jess M.