I’ve been in your shoes. Let me guess...

  • You know you aren’t where you want to be in your career/life and are just spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do next
  • You feel burnt out from trying to be ‘successful’ and you’re not even in your 30’s yet
  • You have this gut-wrenching feeling that you are not on the life path you are truly meant for, but are terrified of having to take leaps of faith to change it
  • You always feel a sense of restlessness because you are fighting an internal conflict of what you want to do with your life and what society is telling you to do
  • Life is not what you expected it to be and you have been asking yourself if this is all there is to life
  • You want to take your career to the next level, but lack the confidence that you can make it happen
  • You want to throw up at the thought of having to job search, interview, and put yourself out there
  • You are terrified of having to live paycheck to paycheck and never getting out of that cycle
  • You keep holding yourself back in a soul sucking job or dead end city because it is the responsible and reliable thing to do
  • You’re afraid of changing careers too many times and still ending up in a job that doesn’t provide you freedom or the life you want
  • You feel unsure and stuck.
  • You’re exhausted because of your current situation and are afraid you don't have a dream anymore nor the drive to make this non existent dream happen.
  • There is a consistent playlist shuffling in your head about how you ‘should’ be further along in life, you ‘should’ have it all figured out, you ‘should’ be happier.
  • You’re afraid that you’ll be bored for the rest of your life, or stuck doing some job you don't love to pay the bills.
  • You’ve tried reading personal development books, making new friends, taking personality assessments, joining a new gym, getting more training and still feel like you don’t know what your purpose is in life or how to get to that end goal
  • You dream about the day when you feel properly compensated for your work, you can take time off to travel and make amazing memories with friends, and you feel flexibility to live life on your terms instead of always on the terms of others

But instead of that, you want this…

  • To wake up each morning energized for the day ahead of you and getting to go to a job that you actually love
  • To finally feel confident that you know what you want to do with your life and can make it happen
  • To pay your bills while also working at a job that allows you to contribute to the world - instead of selling your soul to keep a roof over your head
  • To say goodbye to comparing yourself to others and feeling like you ‘should’ be in a ‘better’ place in life
  • To be able to travel the world and make great memories with the people you love
  • To not dread how you are going to make your student loan payments each month
  • To have confirmation that you are moving in the right direction in your life
  • To feel like you have a purpose in life and are actually working towards something
  • To make a decision about what you want for your career and finally start taking steps in that direction
  • To get off the treadmill of overwhelm and fear and jump on the train of purpose, clarity, and passion for your life
  • To feel confident going into job interviews and networking events
  • To enjoy the present moment instead of constantly worrying about what is coming next or how you are going to be successful

Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For

So, What needs to change?

  • You need a resume, cover letter, and elevator pitch that make you shine
  • You need confidence in your skills and what you have to offer this world
  • You need to learn to trust yourself and the choices you want to make for your life
  • You need a roadmap for creating your own happy life, instead of the life others tell you to want
  • You need an action plan for job searching and navigating career changes
  • You need support around what you actually want to do with your life
  • You need accountability to help you actually accomplish your goals
  • You need someone who will call you on your crap, without attachment to how everything turns out
  • You need someone who supports you, but also challenges you to go after what you truly want
  • You need someone to help you figure out how to make it happen even when you feel completely confused
  • You need someone that has been there, and that gets it. Not a friend that's attached to your outcome or your mom. But someone that's walked in your shoes and created a new path, just like you want to do

The wonderful thing about creating change in our life is that it can happen any day, any moment, any second. It starts with a simple choice; deciding that you are done with how it currently is and are ready to create how you want it to be. Because if you don’t change, the things in your life - your job, your circumstances, your future - never will either. You might not have all the answers, the path might not be clear yet, but that’s okay because the choice is what matters most.

The wonderful thing about creating change in our life is that it can happen any day, any moment, any second

From there, we can fill in the rest of the puzzle. Together we can co-create your roadmap for a life of purpose, a job you look forward to, and an overall sense of satisfaction with where you are and where you going. And I know what you’re probably thinking, this feels like a fairy tale or total B.S., but it’s not. How do I know? I did it myself, I’ve done it for others, and I know it’s possible for you!

And why is working with me the right next step?

As your coach, I am fully supportive of your success, happiness, and goal achievement. However, I am completely unattached to how you get there. I don’t have any agenda as to the methods that you choose, except that I will always powerfully stand for you reaching your goals and offer you different options that work best for you. You get to pursue your goals fully on your terms and say what you do or do not want. You don’t have to justify anything to me and you will never have to worry about getting through the next family meal with me if you do something I don’t recommend. The best part though is you can stop spinning your wheels, stop trying to figure it all out at once, and let me help you navigate your next steps in your career and life so you can actually enjoy the journey instead of just going through motions.

Are you ready to finally have a career you love and the confidence to make it happen? Are you ready to ditch society's definition of success and create your own? Are you ready to say a goodbye to self-doubt and wondering if you will ever find your path?


To schedule some time to talk about the possibility of working together and totally transforming your career and your life, contact me here!