Got Questions? I Have Answers!

Let me guess, you have stumbled upon this world of life coaching and aren’t quite sure yet what to think about it? You are someone who values personal development, is committed to improving your life, and probably binges on self-help books – yet, this whole idea of a life coach is a bit unknown for you.

That is totally okay! I have been where you are and get it. Because of that, I wanted to take a second to answer some of the questions i hear most often.


What is Life Coaching?

Life and career coaching is a future-based practice to help you make shifts in your perspective and see what is currently in your blind spots. When you constantly operate from the same frame of mind, you typically get the same results. Life coaching helps you step out of what you have always done, examine things differently, and then make new choices to actually get different results.

If you want to step out of your comfort zone, start a new career, make a big move, or create some other new action in your life then you will likely need support and new behaviors to make it happen. Life and career coaching is a support structure to help you move forward in your goals, while also creating a new pattern of making decisions and relating to the things going on in your life.

Coaching is an effective tool for helping you accomplish your goals because as your coach I am completely separate from you and how you typically do stuff. I don’t have judgments about what you should do and I don’t care about the impact your decisions will have on me. My job as a coach is to hold you accountable, keep you inspired, and help move you forward through tangible actions and accomplishments.


Is coaching the same thing as therapy?

While some therapists utilize coaching techniques, coaching is not the same thing as therapy. Therapy is often past-based and focused more on healing pain and conflict with a client’s emotions and feelings. Therapy is often about understanding why you feel a certain way, what things from your past might be influencing that, and how you want to feel differently.

Coaching, on the other hand, is more future-based and supports personal and professional growth through personal change and action steps. Coaching often evokes shifts in positive feelings and outlooks, but also highly focuses on creating actionable strategies for actually accomplishing goals and moving you forward. Sometimes through coaching we dip into the past to understand a pattern or block in your life, but then you are given the choice to make a change from this new awareness and accomplish results that you might not have been able to before.

Therapy is extremely valuable and effective for some, but for others it is more valuable to find a practice that helps them actually create a new frame of mind for the future instead of just understanding what has already happened in the past. Clients often work with a therapist and coach at the same time depending on the goals they have for their life.


Can’t I just get advice from a friend or mentor?

We already have people in our lives (friends, family, bosses) that have no problem telling us what they want us to do or what has worked for them, but a coach is about helping you make those decisions for yourself, empower and trust your own decisions, and then really accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. Friends and family are great support structures, but not always the top choice when it comes to making decisions for yourself.

Take my journey for example. In college I knew I was most passionate about sociology and psychology; majors really focusing on people and how they operate in life. I expressed this interest to my family and was repeatedly told how these majors didn’t have high enough salaries and were too difficult to make a sustaining career out of. Needless to say I never changed my major and kept up with my journalism major in pursuit of law school. Now at 26 I am nowhere near journalism or law and thank goodness for that. Perhaps if I had a coach a few years back allowing me to truly explore what it was that I wanted, without judgment or opinion in the space, I could have come to the realization of what I wanted for my life sooner (and with a lot less student debt in the process).

It is situations like this (career decisions, where to move to, whether to go back to school, what to invest in) that I now help my clients with. I am not personally invested in the outcome of their decision other than the fact that I want them to powerfully choose what is best for them. The people in your life, although they love you dearly, bring their opinions, judgments, and fears into the conversations they have with you. This often clouds your view of what you really want and just leaves you confused. Coaching will provide you a space to clear that clutter, listen to your own voice, and discover what you truly want much quicker.


What’s the return on investment with coaching and why is it important to invest in myself?

I get it, spending money on yourself can be scary, but I want you to realize that this is a long-term investment in your future. Coaching is not about a bandaid or temporary fix, but rather about helping you to make shifts and strides in your life that will be felt for years to come. Coaching provides opportunities for increased productivity, confidence, life satisfaction, self-awareness and more. Ask yourself what those increases could change in your life. Would you have a better relationship with your family? Would your life improve from less stress and frustration? Would you become more confident in your career; therefore, becoming more financially successful? Will you take big chances in life that could lead to big results? The investment you are making is not just about today, but about your forever life. It has a ripple effect on your life that will be felt long after you have completed your sessions.

At the end of the day, the most reliable investment you could make is in yourself because that is the person and thing you can trust the most. Stocks, retirement, houses, material items, etc can all lose their value or let you down without any choice of your own. However, you have control over yourself and can always rely on that investment.


Am I guaranteed certain results by my coach?

Life coaching is like having a personal trainer for your life. The trainer can’t do it for you, the trainer can’t promise results if you don’t put in the work…but the trainer helps to hold you accountable, provide tools and resources for improved results, helps you discover what might be holding you back, and cheers you on even when you are ready to give up.

The results you obtain will be directly connect to the effort and commitment you put into the coaching relationship. As your coach, I promise to always put in the work on my end to support you in getting the results you desire. I will consistently do my part to help move you forward and make sure that you are making the progress you desire.


What are your qualifications as a coach?

I am a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training Program, an International Coach Federation accredited program, aimed at providing the highest standard of life coaching and leadership training. This year-long, intensive program had me not only develop my skills as an effective coach, but also get coached myself to make sure that I personally worked on my own ‘stuff’. This combination of training, leadership development, and personal growth has really enhanced my abilities to be an effective coach.

I am also an active member of the International Coach Federation, the largest international accrediting board for coaches, which provides me with opportunities to continuously improve my skills and stay up-to-date. Being a member of ICF also holds me accountable to the highest professional standards and ethics in the profession.

In addition to coach training, I am also an experienced advisor with my M.S. degree in College Student Personnel. I now use this background in advising, development, and counseling to enhance my skills as an effective coach.


What am I responsible for as a client?

As the client you are responsible for:

  • Showing up to your sessions on time and ready to give your full attention to the session
  • Being open-minded and willing to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Be ready to take actual action towards your goals
  • Being honest with your coach about how you are feeling about the relationship
  • Being committed to the goals you state you want to accomplish

As the coach I am responsible for:

  • Showing up to all sessions on time, energized, and completely focused on our coaching session
  • Holding you accountable for the goals you have set for yourself
  • Adjusting the coaching relationship if needed to best serve your goals
  • Being transparent about what I see during our coaching sessions and reflecting that back to you
  • Letting you express your true emotions, no matter what they are, and still always standing by your side
  • Creating a positive empowering space where you feel safe to authentically open up
  • Be vulnerable and share parts of my life if it is in service of your goals


If I am not ready for one-on-one coaching yet, where is a good place for me to start?

I would be happy to support you even if not in one-on-one coaching so make sure to join my mailing list to be kept up-to-date with helpful blog articles, special offerings, important lessons I have learned, and more. You can also join my private facebook group “From Slump to Success: Live Life on Your Terms” to become part of a supportive community of other people experiencing the same thing you are and looking to empower each other. This community is an opportunity for you to get to know me better, connect with other amazing positive people, and receive support for the goals you have in your life right now.


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