Are You Happy?

Are you happy?

A pretty simple question and yet when I was asked it today by a friend I found myself wondering what it even means.

We had been catching up and I had apologized for being busy with my business lately. She asked if perhaps I needed to slow down and if I was was happy or not. The question caught me a bit off guard at first, but then I immediately thought to myself “Yes, I am unbelievably happy!”. Busy, sure. Tired, most of the time. A lot on my mind, often. But happy? Everyday.

It made me realize that much of us have associated certain things with leading to unhappiness. For my friend she saw me being busy as meaning I might be unhappy. Others might see being financially tight leading to unhappiness. Or perhaps having a strict gym schedule and meal plan as making you unhappy.

The reality is though, happiness is a perception. A choice. If you are unhappy with something it might not be the action itself that is the issue, but rather the motivation behind it. Because if you are busy, financially conscious, a bit tired, or following a strict routine because you want to and it is leading to your goals then why wouldn’t it make you happy?

Being busy, being tired, making sacrifices, adjusting your life a bit, following a routine, saving...all of these are just things. How you view them is up to you. You can let them be a negative in your life and lead to unhappiness or you can choose to see them as a tool for getting you where you want to go.

But if you going to a place that others want you to be or reaching for a goal that you think society expects, then how would you expect to be happy doing these things? You need to find out what your motivation is. What your why is. What makes these sometimes seemingly ‘tough’ things 100% worth it and actually wonderful in your life.

Only then can you truly enjoy the journey. If you are not enjoying it then it might be time for a detour. Ask yourself why you aren’t happy with the things in your life. Ask yourself what choices you are making that are contributing to this. And ask yourself where you are even trying to go and if the choices you are making are getting you there.

You can be happy about all of the things in your life if you want to be. That power is yours, which means you also have the power to make things a negative thing in your life. You have to choose the perception you want to fill your energy with and the life you ultimately want to have.

So I ask you, are you happy?