Why I've Dreaded a 9 to 5 Job Since Middle School

Do you remember taking those interest aptitude tests in middle school that told you if you were best suited for the medical field, or social science, or trades, or what not? You know, the ones that said if you should be a teacher, or a lawyer, or a doctor or whatever other mainstream traditional job that was on the list?

(Pretty sure entrepreneur was NOT one of the options by the way)

Well, I remember taking those tests and I remember clearly thinking to myself that I never wanted to get to the day when I would have to work a ‘real’ job. I already knew getting up early and working all day in an office environment would be miserable for me. I already knew that working at a desk for a good part of my life did not sound pleasant at all. I already knew I was too independent, creative, and driven to be stifled by a boss telling me what I can and cannot do.

Yes, I was the self-aware in middle school. The only problem is I thought something was wrong with me. I thought I was weird and I would just grow out of it. I thought I had to just make myself accept that I had to do what everyone else had to do. From that day forward I told myself I would just have to make it work.

And ever since I have been dreading the day when I finally had to get that job. That is probably why initially my thoughts were to just stay in school forever and then go be a professor. Just skip the traditional 9 to 5 altogether.

Well, that didn’t happen and instead I found myself applying for the very jobs I knew I didn’t want. I have adjusted semi-well and am making it work, but happy isn’t exactly the word I would use. I have been trying to fit myself into this box of what I was told I had to do with the rest of my life, when really I was always meant for something completely different.

I knew that all the way back in middle school, yet those aptitude tests made sure to point out to me that I was ‘supposed’ to get a real job. Now sure, there were jobs on there that didn’t involve a desk or a standard schedule. But they were all jobs about working for someone, being told what to do, and in my eyes being a part of the ‘standard system’.

I was never encouraged to explore my independent nature or my ability to thrive most when left to my own devices. I was never encouraged to think of outside of the box professions that more aligned with my values, what I wanted from life, and what I needed from life. Instead they measured my skills and some of my interests and spit some generic jobs at me.

It was not until I was 26 and had taken a huge leap of faith to start my own business that my family finally confessed they always knew I wasn’t meant for a 9 to 5. Just goes to show how much we don’t talk about this in our society. How we just expect everyone to follow suit and do what the person before them did.

Listen, if a 9 to 5, structured, get your weekly paycheck kind of job is perfect for you then great. I am happy for you. I am just asking for permission to do what makes me happy and not be shamed by society for it. More so, I am also asking that we let future generations know it is okay to be a little different and want something a little different. You don’t have to fit yourself into a box that everyone else created.

If you have a voice inside your head telling you something isn’t right you should listen to it. I am not saying go quit your job tomorrow, but explore it, listen to it, and see what it means. Don’t ignore your inner voice for 15 more years like I did. Give yourself the chance you deserve to explore what truly matters to you and what you were truly put on this planet to do.

So the question remains what next? It’s time to explore. Here are some things you could consider trying to help you get really clear on what you actually want.

  1. Volunteer: Try different volunteering gigs in areas that interest you. Reach out to start-up companies to get insight look into their world. Try working with the local animal shelter if you love animals. Volunteering is great because you can test things out without making the big leap out of the 9 to 5 first.

  2. Network: Start going to networking events of all different kinds. Meet different people and ask them what their life is like. Ask them how they got where they are. You might think a different lifestyle is one way, but the reality might be totally different. This is your chance to hear for yourself from real people (p.s. this is how I found my life coaching career so I know it works)

  3. Make your hobby more of a priority and see what happens. If you love photography try selling some of your work or scheduling photo shoots. If you love designing put some of your items on etsy. If you love writing try out guest blogging for different sites. Start experimenting and see how much you really love this hobby and if you want to take it full-time

  4. Get super clear on what you actually want. This one is usually easier with some help from a coach, mentor, friend, etc. Someone who can ask you tough questions and help you really explore what matters. Most of us have buried those desires so deeply that we don’t even know how to fully access them anymore. This is key for making sure your next step is really what you want. (by the way, I can certainly help with this part!)

  5. Travel and Experience: Don’t put your life on hold. Try new things, meet new people, visit new places. Let the world teach you about what truly matters to you. Do something outside of your comfort zone and see what it awakens in you. You will be amazed by what signs the universe provides you when you are open to receiving them.

You might not have all the answers right away, but that is okay. The best thing you can do is listen to that little voice inside your head saying you want more and deserve more and put it on loud speaker. Explore your life. Explore your passions. Let yourself come fully alive.


Are you ready to explore that voice inside your head telling you that you want more from life? Are you ready to stop waiting for things to magically get better and want to actually do something about it? Remember, the choices you make today impact all of your tomorrows. Schedule a possibility call with me now so I can help you gain some clarity and focus.