Why You Should Thank Your Quarter-Life Crisis

We are all familiar with the phrase mid-life crisis, right? Immediately the image of a middle-aged man driving a sports car with a much younger woman in the passenger seat pops into our mind.

But, what about quarter-life crisis? Any vivid image popping into your mind now? Probably not because this not nearly as talked about or even understood. I promise you it is real though and not always an easy thing to navigate.

If you are feeling a bit unsure of your future, confused as to what you really want, and frustrated that you are not further along in life then you are not alone (trust me!).

In this Huffington Post article I cover my experience with my own quarter-life crisis, steps you can take to navigate this confusing time in your life, and how to actually make it one of your most rewarding chapters of life.

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P.S. If you are experiencing a quarter-life crisis and are ready to re-energize your life and push past your fears, then let's chat! Contact me and we can set up a completely free session to come up with a plan for getting you out of this slump! You are not alone and you do not have to navigate this process alone either. I would be honored to support you since I have been there!