11 Tips For Staying Sane In A Toxic Work Environment

As more college graduates are forced to take jobs that they would consider less than ideal, overall job satisfaction decreases. In my personal life alone, I would say at least 75% of the people I know are unhappy with their jobs. They are mistreated by their bosses, forced to work crazy hours, piled onto with unrealistic demands, forced to work with coworkers who refuse to drop the drama, and more.

I have spent so many hours talking my friends and family through their survival methods for these toxic environments until they can finally make their grand exit. Even in my own life, I have been in several job environments that completely drained me, left me uninspired and unmotivated, made me dread Monday mornings, and left me longing for something healthier and more enjoyable.

Nonetheless, I couldn't just quit these jobs whenever I wanted.

Sometimes you have to stick with it until the right situation comes along. That might mean you can't jump ship until you are done purchasing your first home. Or you can't say sayonara until you have another position lined up to pay the bills. Or maybe you are having some health issues and need that consistent medical insurance.

Whatever the reason, I get it and I am here to try and offer you some support.

I was inspired by the people in my life stuck in toxic work environments to write an article with 11 Tips for Staying Sane in A Toxic Work Environment. Some tips include not taking work home with you, establishing boundaries, focusing on the facts and not stories, and more.

I truly hope these tips will help you take back some of your sanity and make your not so great environment at least a little bit better for now. And if after reading the article you realize you are ready to finally get out of your not so great job then click here to schedule a possibility call now to see how I can help!

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