7 Ways To Fall In Love With Yourself

So many of us are programmed to constantly be taking care of others. We say there isn't enough time to concentrate on ourselves or that it would just be an unnecessary indulgence. We often look to others for validation or the love that we desire. We don't want to invest in ourselves or make us a priority.

At the end of the day though the best thing you can do for yourself and for all the people you are trying to help is to practice some serious self-love.

I often hear my clients say that this is easier said than done. They talk about running around like crazy people trying to check off items on their to-do list and how self-love doesn't often make it to the top of the list. Trust me, I have totally been part of that to-do list club so I get it.

You and I both know deep down though that we can't fully love those around us or give them what they need if we don't love ourselves first. It can be easy to forget all the amazing things about yourself and lose connection with your confidence. Ultimately though you spend the most time of your life with yourself, so if you don't like you very much then that is a recipe for disaster.

Want to try something different from complete self-sacrifice and self-judgment? Great, because in my Huffington Post article I give you 7 ways to fall in love with yourself. Click here to read the entire article and start your love journey today.

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