I Have A Dream That Everyone Be Able To Dream

I will be the first to admit that as this day comes and goes each year, I often forget to reflect on it’s true significance. Most of the time, it is just another 3-day weekend off from work and an opportunity to sleep in. Now, I am not proud to admit this, but I am happy to say that this year is different.

This year I woke up pondering MLK Jr’s pivotal I Have A Dream Speech. I thought to myself what would be my dream for the world. What would be my message that I would want to spread to the people that needed to hear it. Finally, I realized that my dream is simple. My dream is that everyone be able to have a dream.

As society progresses and advances, I feel as though dreams are things of the past. These things of the past have been replaced with quotas to meet, ladders to climb, and retirement funds to grow. These things of the past have been deemed less valuable and not really worth focusing much attention on. Even more than that though, in far too many places around the world, these things of the past are being outright stolen and destroyed. Humans aiming to destroy the very hope and faith that live in other humans.

It is truly a tragedy in my eyes. Dreams are intrinsic to who we are as people. They offer us hope, provide us with motivation, and keep us believing things can be better. They offer us a place to look and work towards in our life. They are the paint for our canvas where our picture of life becomes real.

Without dreams, hope dwindles, faith runs low, and spirits fade. Life stands still and just becomes stagnant. Imaginations get turned off and big goals get pushed aside.

You see, dreams are more than just some long-shot fantasy for the movies. Dreams are what our world is built on. Without them, most of what you see around you would not exist. The world that you know today would not be anything like it is. If we could restore dreams as the fuel that guides our lives then just imagine the possibility that would be created.

I am on a mission to restore dreams all around us. Restore faith in what we can create out of what we cannot see right now. Restore hope in humanity and that we were all created equal and whole with a right to our dreams. Restore joy in our lives so that we can all cherish the precious moments we have been given. Restore community to bring us together to empower each other's dreams instead of tear them down.

I have a dream that everyone be able to dream. I have a dream that we all cherish and celebrate these bold goals for life. I have a dream that no one’s spirit be stifled by the hands of another human. I have a dream that we empower all around us to go after their dreams and never let them fade.

I invite you to join me on this mission or whatever mission you have for yourself. I invite you to dream and to dream boldly. We get to decide what kind of world we live in and each of us plays a part in that process. You have to decide what you will empower and how you will show up in this world.

What legacy do you want to create for your future? What fuel do you want to rely on for hope? What is your dream for the world and for yourself? What will you do today to hold on to that dream and never lose faith in it?

From my heart to yours,


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