The True Meaning of New Year's Eve

Let me take you back in time for a second to New Year’s Eve 2012. I was sitting in the living room of the apartment I shared with my sister and brother-in-law in Salem, Massachusetts. We were surrounded by yummy treats and ‘special’ beverages that we had spent quite a bit of money on. We had the TV turned to the Times Square Celebration and were enjoying sharing this time together.

I had graduated college earlier that year and then moved to this new city, so new friends had been hard to come by. Despite loving my sister more than anything in the world and being so grateful that we were together for this special day, in the back of my mind all I could think about is how much of a loser I was for not having friends to spend it with. How I was lonely and wished to be loved by a special guy on this day. How I should be out, celebrating, and all dressed up as many of my 22-year-old peers were doing. I felt lonely, like a failure, and honestly couldn’t really enjoy the moment because of these feelings. I wasn’t thinking about my huge accomplishment of graduating college or the amazing new city I was living in. Nope, all I could think about is how my life didn’t measure up to the New Year’s Eve picture perfect advertisements.

This is how many of my New Year’s Eves have gone; feelings of loneliness, judgment, and sadness. Wishing I had more friends and feeling like the whole year prior was a complete waste because I didn’t have the socially accepted New Year’s Eve plans.

Society tells us over and over again that we should be out on this evening surrounded by lots of people having the time of our lives. And if we aren’t...well, then there is something wrong with us. We receive so much pressure to celebrate the New Year a certain way, yet who decided that was the right way in the first place? There is no right or wrong way to spend this holiday, as long as you spend it doing something that empowers you and lights you up.

More so, why should one evening be the basis for how you view the entire year prior. If you don’t have a great boyfriend to share a midnight kiss with then you must be lonely. If you don’t have a ton of friends surrounding you then people must not want to spend time with you. If you don’t look perfect and all done up with a special place to go then you must not be making it in life. Guess what, none of these things are true. It is one day; a snapshot out of 364 other amazing days in a year. Your whole life and your self-worth do not need to be dictated by one day a year.

New Year’s Eve is an opportunity to ring in a whole new chapter of your life. It is a chance to revisit all those amazing dreams you have inside of you. I have realized New Year’s Eve should be about ringing in the New Year in a way that supports all of those amazing dreams. For me, that means ditching the credit card bill from drinks and investing that money into a new blender to support my health and wellness goals. It also means not wasting my evening staying up late because I want to use the precious time tomorrow to continue building my successful business.

New Year’s doesn't’ have to be about drinking, getting dressed up, and making yourself feel like you have made it. You already have made it and your year was amazing. This night can be about celebrating your wins from the past and welcoming in the exciting new adventures to come. You can start setting yourself up for an amazing year right now on this very evening. I think this is the true meaning of New Year’s Eve.

If this is the year you buy a house then maybe you spend your evening driving around looking at houses. If this is the year you start your family then perhaps you spend a romantic evening with the one you love. If this is the year you move to a new city then maybe you spend your evening visiting that place or researching it.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to spend this night drinking with your friends and getting all dressed up then go do it! But do it because you truly want to and not because society tells you that you should. Make a powerful choice this New Year’s Eve; spend it doing something that matters to you and that moves your goals forward. Spend it feeling loved and excited about your life with no room for judgment or resentment.

I am committed to cherishing my past and embracing my future. I will not feel guilty or ashamed for not wanting to go out tonight or not having 20 invites to different places. I am letting go and releasing myself from any shame, pressure, or expectations to celebrate this day in a certain way. I invite you to do the same. Make this your best New Year’s Eve yet simply because you did what you truly wanted to do. What will you do tonight to welcome in this New Year in the perfect way for you?

From my heart to yours,


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