Imperfect is The New Perfect

We live in a world of photo-shopped magazine covers, skin perfecting regimes, and the endless trying of the new fad diet for the perfect body. It’s no wonder that so many of us feel this immense pressure to be perfect...or at least fake it till you make it.

Have you ever noticed that when striving for perfection, we are never happy? Even if we reach a ‘success’ point we still strive for more. We can never be content and just truly enjoy the present. Can you remember that time where you worked super hard to get a B on a project, knowing this was a challenge for you, but then as soon as you did you found yourself questioning why you didn’t get an A? Or what about the time that you worked out, followed a diet and were able to lose 10 pounds. You felt great right, until you decided that you really need to lose 20. So often we find ourselves in this cycle of never being good enough and always needing to be better or more.

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sound like a fun way to live our life. You end up missing the amazing moments along the way because you are so focused on the perfection on the other side.

Are you as exhausted as I am with always striving for perfection? Do you want to stop comparing and criticizing yourself for what you still need to work on and instead embrace what already is? Do you want to just let it all out, stop putting on the perfection act, and just show up as your authentic self?

Well let me be the person to give your permission for exactly that! Be you, be original, be imperfect...because guess what, IMPERFECT IS THE NEW PERFECT!

The tides are changing and it is about time. Time to release the pressure, let down your hair, and breathe in the fresh new air of authenticity

Embracing imperfection opens us to a world of fully living each moment, being connected to the present, and enjoying the journey. Sure, growth and movement forward is still welcomed and encouraged, but you don’t have push towards perfection for those things to happen.

Did you know that the universe designed you exactly the way you are for a reason? You were groomed and molded for the exact mission you are meant to serve and your imperfections are part of your personalized toolkit for your mission.

Our imperfections are what make us unique, interesting, and forever alluring. Why would you want to give that up? Being authentically you is your most important job in this world because there is no one else out there that can do the job. Don’t rob the world of experiencing who you truly are because I can promise you that we all want to see it.

I realize that most of us were programmed from an early age to look at what isn’t right with us instead of what is. My challenge for you, embrace your imperfect and start loving yourself for it. Write a love letter to your imperfections appreciating what they provide for you. Write a breakup letter to perfection making sure it knows it’s not welcome anymore. Walk past the mirror and think about all the things you love about yourself, rather than what you want to fix. Start practicing a whole new way of viewing yourself and see what this creates in your life.

I’ll give you a hint - loving yourself won’t just impact your relationship with self, it will also make a world of difference in your other relationships, your job, your motivation, and so much more.

Letting go of this pressure to be perfect, embracing what is, and allowing yourself to fully experience is such a beautiful thing. You can find this utopia; you can embrace your imperfect. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t enough just the way you are. You are beautiful, strong, amazing, inspiring, powerful, creative, intelligent and so much more. You are perfectly imperfect and I hope that today you choose to show up in the world as that person. I know we are all so excited to meet you.

From my heart to yours,


P.S. Fears stopping you from letting go of the pressure to be perfect? Terrified of ‘failing’ along the way and looking bad? You don’t have to give power to those thoughts anymore if you choose differently. I can help; visit my life coaching page or email me at to schedule your possibility session and let’s explore what it might be like for you to show up 100% imperfect and loving every second.