Will the Real You Please Stand Up!

There is a crisis in our world and it is not about politics, war, or money. It is about losing our identity and focusing so heavily on trying to be someone else that we forget who we truly are in the process.

From a young age we are put at competition with others whether in classrooms, on sports teams, or in our own families. We are taught to look at what someone else has and strive to find that in ourselves to meet the same accomplishments. You start to hide certain parts of yourself, shift other parts, and put on the act of your life. You become better at being someone else than who you truly are.

Do you remember who you truly are? How it feels to be completely you without any comparison to someone else? What makes you smile? What makes you jump with joy? What makes you an amazing leader?

Life doesn’t need to be about what someone else has and how you can get it, but rather is about what’s already within you and how you can showcase it to the world. You are already a powerhouse and have all the skills you need right where you are. All of your weaknesses, quirks, and strengths make you the leader that you need to be for your life. Whatever higher power you believe in created you exactly the way you are for the mission you are meant to serve.

When we cloud our views with what someone else has and how we can be more like them, we lose sight of the path already laid out for us. We start following their path and that is not the journey we are meant to travel. If everyone tried to be like everyone else then we would just have a bunch of the same in this world. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty boring to me.

It is time that we embrace our differences and celebrate being authentic. No more hiding, acting, or comparing. Showing up in this world as your authentic self is the best gift you could offer to others. If no one has told you recently how amazing you are just the way you are then let me be the one to remind you. Please don’t hide yourself from the world or change who you are based on others.

We can break this cycle of being inauthentic and create a new way of showing up in the world for ourselves and the generations to come. We can show up in this world as the unique beings that each of us are and celebrate what makes us different. There is so much more power in our authentic beings then any training, class, or certification you could attain. Leverage all that you are and all that you want to be in this world. Love yourself from the inside out and surround yourself with people who celebrate your authentic being.

How do you want to show up in the world? What parts of your authentic self will you stop hiding and put on display for the world to see? What possibility will you create for yourself by no longer striving to be who someone else is and embracing all that you are?