Speak Your Truth and Spread Your Message...The Details Will Fall Into Place

As the building stage of my website comes to an end and I finally get to showcase my business baby to the world, I can’t help but reflect on how much of me went into this site. When you first start a project like this you think about the details (where will I buy hosting from, what will my domain name be, what designer do I want to use, what layout will be most effective)...but in reality the most important detail of all can’t be bought or created or designed. The most important detail was me; authentic, genuine, vulnerable me.
A website is so much more than a digital footprint. It is more than images or the page layout. It is more than the fonts and the colors. This website is a piece of me, straight from my heart and my soul to my readers with love. It felt like I was writing a love letter to the amazing clients I know I am destined to serve. I knew if I didn’t write these words and put them out there for all of you to read that I might not reach the people that needed to hear them.
When thinking about our dreams and everything that ‘needs to be done’ we can sometimes get distracted from what really matters. At the end of the day, if you are being authentically you and doing what truly inspires you then all the rest is just background noise. Put yourself at the forefront of your dreams and make sure to speak your passion to the world. We all want to hear it and the people you are meant to serve deserve to receive your message.
Don’t get distracted by the details or the structures of your dreams...go after them boldly and openly and see what possibility you can create. As long as you know who you are and what you want to offer the world, you have all that you truly need. Speak your truth, spread your message, and embrace every moment along the way.
I have learned so much about myself through building this website that looking back it doesn’t even feel like work. Sure, I spent many late nights and early mornings tweaking away and stressed a few times over the details...but ultimately I got to spend a lot of time with my message and why this message even mattered to me. Use any opportunity you can to connect with your why and dive bravely into your mission.
From my heart to yours, I hope this website will serve as an inspiration and a catalyst for your bold choices. Don’t ever hide your message from the world because you never know who might be on the other side needing to hear those exact words.