I always knew I was meant for a bigger life... 

...than working in a boring job, in a stuffy office, with the same routine every day, just hoping to make enough money to actually be able to take a travel adventure in the next 5 years. Yet at the age of 23 I found myself working extremely hard to achieve the exact life I never wanted.

It was as if I was living on a constant treadmill of trying to figure out how to actually be happy in my career and still make everyone else proud in the process. I hadn’t given myself the chance to truly pursue what I wanted for my life because I was so terrified of letting others down, not being considered ‘successful’, or potentially failing along the way. I was totally driven by what others said I should do, should enjoy, and should want for my life. I was consumed by ‘shoulding’ all over myself.

I was trying to fit myself into the box that everyone else wanted for me instead of realizing that true happiness and fulfillment was actually on the outside of that box

Allowing these ‘shoulds’ to run my life resulted in a 23-year-old woman who wasn’t excited about the future, who dreaded Monday mornings and waited all week for Friday at 5 pm, who had so much anxiety over her career and whether she was progressing fast enough, and ultimately who had forgotten who she truly was and what mattered most to her in life. I was trying to fit myself into the box that everyone else wanted for me...instead of realizing that true happiness and fulfillment was actually on the outside of that very box.

It was at this point that I remember thinking to myself - you still have 60 years of life left to live, are you going to spend it like this?

Are you going to get up every morning just counting the minutes to the end of the day? Are you going to keep pursuing a career because it is safe and reliable despite the fact that it doesn’t light you up? Are you going to keep running yourself into the ground comparing yourself to others and trying to make decisions based on what everyone else with think of you?

I knew I couldn’t keep going like this. I literally wouldn’t survive the very life I was creating for myself. I had to make a major left turn and let me tell you that was not an easy curve to navigate. What would my family think? How would I pay my bills? Am I throwing away my future? Will I regret this? And most importantly, what if I become a total failure?

Letting go of these fears and making big changes in life was anything but easy, but I knew I had to do it. I didn’t know how, or if it would turn out the way I wanted, but I decided I owed it to myself to try anyway. I didn’t want to waste any more of my 20’s living a life I wasn’t meant for.

So then what happened?

Letting go of these fears and making big changes in life was anything but easy, but I knew I had to do it. I didn’t want to waste any more of my 20’s living a life I wasn’t meant for.

Well lots and lots of little steps to reconnect with myself and my true dreams. I earned my master’s degree (after trying 3 different programs), I moved to a brand new city without knowing anyone or how it was going to go, I tried 2 different jobs, and eventually I ended up at a networking event where I first heard about life coaching.

It was this simple everyday event that would change my life forever and it would never have happened had I not taken a chance on a new city, on a new job, and on making myself go to a networking event that I really didn’t want to be at. I had decided to put myself out in the world, try new things, and from those simple choices I found my true passion in this world.

Now came the most important part though; actually taking chances on this new found purpose despite not knowing how it would turn out.

I listened to my gut and took the chance of a lifetime to start my own business, but let me tell you I was pretty terrified. I still remember the very day I had to tell my family that I had invested in a coach training program and was starting my own business. I literally wanted to throw up and could hear their voices in my head saying how it wasn’t smart, or secure, or reliable. But I had that conversation anyway and thank goodness I did. They actually shared how proud of me they were and how they always knew I was meant for something more. They told me how they were so happy I wasn’t going to look back on life in 20 years and regret not going for it.

Voicing who I truly was to my family and releasing myself from the pressures of being who everyone else wanted me to be gave me such freedom.

I had feared this very conversation for so long and yet it turned out to be one of the most important in my life. Voicing who I truly was to my family and releasing myself from the pressures of being who everyone else wanted me to be gave me such freedom. I could truly breathe again and all of a sudden a world of possibility opened up to me. From there I started my program, worked with a personal coach for a year, got support from my friends and family, tried new things, and built this very business. Is there still work ahead of me? Absolutely! But there is always work to be done and let me tell you I am having way more fun now that I actually enjoy what I am doing.

Giving myself permission to be who I truly am, find a career I love, and enjoy the little moments in life has been absolutely priceless.

Do you know how much space your fears are taking up in your life? Do you know how much energy you waste on what others think about you? Do you know that this imaginary perfect life path that society has created doesn’t actually exist? And even if it did, it probably wouldn’t make you very happy anywhere?

Well if you don’t, then let me be the one to tell you that it’s true. You are actually in control of your life. You actually get to say what happens next. Even if this doesn’t FEEL like it’s the case right now.

I don’t know about you, but I was beyond fed up with wasting the best years of my life.

I was done with caring if I stumbled along the way or had to backtrack a bit. I was completely over making career and life decisions based on what my family wanted for me. And most of all, I was absolutely, positively not okay with ignoring my desires for my life and what truly mattered to me.

The coach who you are reading about today is a recovering overachiever, in remission from shoulding myself to death, and in total detox from FOF (fear of failure).

And most importantly, I am now the coach who is COMPLETELY ready to help you make the changes you desire for your life. What fears are you ready to detox from? What pressure are you ready to release yourself from? What dreams are you ready to welcome into your life with open arms?

Whatever it is for you, whatever 'shoulds' you’re ready to let go of - we can do it together! It's time to write your own success story about coming alive and falling in love with your life. Don’t let it take you 3 years like it did me to finally make your dream life happen. The choices you make today determine the life you have tomorrow.

Why I'm The Right Coach For You

With a background in professional coaching and leadership (Graduate of Accomplishment Coaching Leadership and Coach Training Program) and academic and career advising (M.S. in College Student Affairs from Arkansas Tech University), I bring a powerful combination of skills to help you not only learn about your career goals, but also about yourself in the process. I am a firm believer in leading from the heart and genuinely showing up for my clients as a coach, friend, mentor, and advisor.

I value transparency, generosity, honesty, and genuine respect in my coaching relationships. I use all of my personal and career experiences/training to offer my clients an extremely authentic coaching experience that will leave you empowered, motivated, and most of all excited for your future (even the parts requiring hard work!). By showing up as who I truly am, I aim to create an environment where my clients can also do the same. You get to call the shots in the relationship and never feel like you have to put on an act of perfection for me. This is your chance to be completely yourself and explore what that truly means.

I'm all about a fun and positive coaching experience, but at the same time hold myself to extremely high ethical standards. I am an active member of the International Coach Federation (an international credentialing and governing board for coaches) and consistently attend trainings and continuing education opportunities to be the best coach possible for my clients.

Random Nuggets of Life About Kassy

  • I live with 2 adorable cats named Georgie and Elle. Proud of my cat lady status!
  • I have a sister who is 7 years older and yet we often get asked if we are twins
  • I think peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are absolutely disgusting
  • I couldn't survive without my nutritional cleansing chocolate shake in the morning
  • I am terrified of scary movies, even the Disney movie Hocus Pocus
  • I did indoor colorguard for most of my childhood and teenage years, competing up and down the east coast
  • I have lived in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., and Maryland
  • I am a loyal backstreet boys fan and can’t wait to attend their next concert tour (which will be my 4th BSB concert)
  • Total beach bum who never passes up the chance to spend the day in the sun
  • Love unwinding with a good TV drama like Mistresses, Devious Maids, The Bachelor, Pretty Little Liars, etc
  • Have been known to be pretty clumsy (broke my wrist after falling from running backwards and had to get surgery on my thumb from cracking my knuckles)
  • I volunteer with an amazing non-profit called Generation Hope where I mentor a teen mom to help her successfully earn her college degree
  • I would live in pajamas if I had the choice...but being an adult requires something a it more professional sometimes
  • In addition to being a life and career coach, I am a proud network marketer who believes in empowering young people to find financial freedom and live life on their terms