Hey you, Yes you! Answer this quick question for me...

if you had to rate your life satisfaction right now, on a scale from 1 to 10, what would your answer be?

a somewhat okay 7, maybe? perhaps middle of the road at a 5? Even worse, maybe a 3?

If you are like the majority of people in our society right now, i can almost promise it's not a 9 or a 10.

But what if it could be? What if you didn't have to accept an only sometimes satisfying life? If you know you are ready for more from your life then keep on reading!

Welcome to Authentically Awakened Coaching, my little corner for empowerment and direction in the personal development world! If you are a post-grad millennial, perhaps fresh out of college or even 5 years into "adulting", then welcome to your safe haven for figuring out the pieces of life after college and how to actually enjoy the journey!

Because listen I get it...you graduated and quickly realized that no one gave you the IKEA instructions for piecing together your life...and now you're in a slump you are not sure how to get out of. Whether it be your career, your relationships, your health, your confidence...if you are ready to choose a more satisfying life...to go from slump to success...then you are in the right place!

if you are ready to choose a more satisfying life...to go from slump to success...then you are in the right place!

Let me guess, life after college hasn't been quite as you expected...Perhaps that dream job is still just a distant vision in your mind…or even more frustrating it has become a reality and now it feels more like a nightmare than a dream? Maybe you followed the career path that everyone told you that you ‘should’ and now you feel completely scared to spend the next 40 years of your life in that field? Oh I know, your life's okay, pretty good, not bad, but you know there has to be more to life than just getting by?

Whatever way the quarter-life slump shows up for you, It’s actually totally normal (and in my opinion a really important part of this stage of your life *read my huffpost article to hear more about why*), but I also realize it can be a little scary and often frustrating. But, what if you could have an advisor for your life? Someone to help you figure out adulting for dummies?

Well, then let me take a second to tell you who I am and how I can help...

confidence boosting, clarity cultivating, powerhouse life and career satisfaction coach

I am Kassy, a confidence boosting, clarity cultivating, powerhouse life and career satisfaction coach ready to partner with you in creating a life that will top the satisfaction chart at a 10. After graduating college and realizing ‘adult’ life didn’t fall as easily into my lap as I thought it would, I found myself lost, confused, and wondering what the heck my next steps were going to be. That moment of “oh s***, what do I really want to do with my life” was a huge wake up call for me and luckily has led me to the strong, purpose-driven, and self-trusting woman introducing herself to you today. Now I am lucky enough to spend my days helping other women, just like you, figure out what comes after their own “oh s***, what do I really want to do with my life” moment.


Curious about what happened in-between then and now? Check out my Meet Kassy page to dive into my journey a bit more!

Or maybe you’re ready to stop navigating this stage of your life on your own and you want to make big changes...like yesterday. Make your way to my Life and Career Coaching services page to learn more about what working together could look like.

Even better, if you are know we are meant to work together and want to fast-track to supercharging your life satisfaction then Let's jump on a possibility call!

And last, but not least, if you want to see how taking control of my health and wellness contributed to my better life then visit my Health and Lifestyle Coaching page.


Don't just take my word for it, see what others had to say...

  • Megan C
    Kassy brings great energy to her coaching. She is passionate about what does and wants to help you find your passion too. I could tell that Kassy was genuinely listening to what I was saying and I felt very comfortable talking with her.
    Megan C.
  • Sarah H
    I truly believe this journey with her will transform my life into an amazing one that is filled with self-love, joy, and balance. Her combination of warmth, invigorating spirit, empathy, and genuine authenticity makes for an ideal life coach!
    Sarah H.
  • Ali B
    Her compassion and uncanny ability to connect with people and tap into her own intuition make her an absolutely stellar coach! If you are someone who’s looking for direction, struggles with self-confidence, or simply needs help practicing self-gratitude, Kassy is your girl!
    Ali B.
  • Julie L
    Kassy helped me reframe a lot of self-talk that was preventing me from moving forward. She helped me set clear, attainable goals for moving forward, and was full of useful suggestions (while also giving me space to come up with my own solutions). Kassy also balanced being empathetic as well as gently challenging me to consider different perspectives. Her open, honest, and supportive presence makes her an amazing coach!
    Julie L.
  • Jess M
    During my coaching call with Kassy, she consistently made me feel heard. The general feeling of focus and inspiration Kassy gave me during the call still continues. Every day I think of something she said during the call and how it pertains to my life. I am very thankful for Kassy’s inspiration and I can’t wait for my next session!
    Jess M.

Oh and P.s.

Make sure to check out my blog and my articles from Huffington Post and Elite Daily. You might just find one your missing ikea pieces for your life in one of the articles!